Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Magic Of Success

The term 'Operacy' was first coined and used by Dr. Edward de Bonn to denote, "the skill needed for doing." He believes Operacy should be given the same importance and be taught in schools alongside literacy and numeracy. I share Dr. de Bono's conviction that the skill of doing is as important as the skill of knowing. However, there is a truism that "knowing what to do" does not always lead to" doing what we know". Take smoking for instance, most people nowadays know that smoking is a health hazard and yet despite this common knowledge many people, including some teachers and doctors still smoke excessively.

Success in any field of endeavor comes mainly from doing rather than knowing. Despite their limited familiarity with economic theories many market vendors make more money than professors of economic. In the this book, I will reveal how we can achieve greater success by removing the barriers that prevent us from achieving more and enjoying life more.

In this book, OPERACY (written with all capital letters) is defined as the ability of an individual person to grow, to self-regulate and to lead other people to become successful. By doing what we know we can grow and develop the skills we need to become successful in art, sport, business and technical fields. OPERACY is also the skill we need so as to become successful by doing the thing we need to do correctly and consistently. In other word, we achieve our success without compromising our personal values and integrity.

No matter how powerful, intelligent or wealthy we are, we cannot become successful alone. I consider building good relationship by helping others is one of the most critical factors of success. In school we may be able to pass our exam successfully without helping any of our fellow students, but in life this is almost impossible to do. The truth is that the more people we help the more successful we will become. This applies in marketing, teaching, leading, managing, parenting and community development. I believe a leader is a person who serves and helps others to become more successful. In recent years, Social and Emotional intelligence has become accepted and recognised as one of the most important factors for achieving personal success. Some people are fortunate enough to be born with it, but social and emotional intelligence are also skills that can be acquired by learning. In this book we will explore and discover how we can develop good social and emotional skills. 

Success is achieving our goal without reducing our own, other people's and the earth's and the earth capacity to survive and become successful.

The Nature of Personal Success 

When I asked people what they understand about success, most people said ':getting a good job" or "having a lot of money". Too many people nowadays think of success only in term of personal and material benefits. I think that some of the major problems we are facing now, such as widespread poverty, human trafficking, corruption and environmental crisis are caused by our failure to consider the adverse impact of our "success" on other people and our earth. Our preoccupation with immediate gratification has blinded us from seeing the harm and the misery we cause to our earth and our fellow humans. OPERACY defines success as achieving our goal without reducing our own, other people's and the earth's capacity to survive and become successful.

 Success means different things to different people. Money is important especially if you don't have enough and for most people money provides security for them and their families. But money is not the only measure of success; it can also be health, knowledge, happiness, love or inner peace. People who are already financially secure may not want to make more money for the sake of money alone, but because they wish to become famous by having more money than everyone else or by being able to help many people less fortunate than themselves. 

Generally, we can consider ourselves successful if we can satisfy our personal needs and wants. All of our needs can be classified into 5 groups, the need to live, the need to love and be loved, the need to learn and to experience, the need to lead, and the need to leave something of ourselves behind, a legacy.  

being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can't truly do. be considered successful in your business as life if your home life is in shambles. by: Zig Ziglar 

A truly successful person is successful in every part of his or her life. We cannot feel truly contented if we are successful as managers or teachers but fail miserably as parents, wives or husbands at home. Ultimately, our success most come from knowing that we have lived fully and enjoyed a useful and happy life. 


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