Saturday, June 25, 2016

Criteria of Success

A friend once asked me if I think his brother who has been a primary school teacher for almost 20 years is a successful person. I said that I cannot judge him because I don't really know his brother. We cannot use success as yardsticks to measure other peoptes' success unless we really know their goals and situation, som, people may see his brother as a failure because he ,:as very little money and the most precious possessiorr has is an old bicycle to take him to school, some fr-group photographs of his former students, an_t collection of books. On the other hand, he is  because many fine doctors, CEOs, teachers, profeessors, and governors still call him "Dear Teacher'. He is a successful person because his purpose in life was never to accumulate money but to develop great citizens and leaders for his nation.

Measure of Success  1. Goal
2. Time
3. Effort
4. Contribution
5. Sustainability
6. Joy

It is important that we measure our success or our failure in relation to a six goal achievement criteria, that is; 1. Goal Achievement, 2. Time, 3. Effort, 4. Contribution, 5. Sustainability and 6. Joy.

Goal Achievement

This is the simplest and most straight forward criteria of success. If two equally intelligent students want to he ntunber one in their class, the one who achieves first place is more successful than the other. Obviously, in order to know whether we are successful or not, we need to have a goal to begin with. A lazy aimless person who inherited a million dollars from his wealthy uncle that he has never met in his life is not a successful person; he is just lucky.

Time Spent to Achieve It 

Samnang and Veasna were two high school friends who wanted to become doctors. When they graduated from high school they enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine at the same university. Samnang studied hard and successfully graduated as a medical doctor in 6 years. Veasna was more interested in playing computer games and going to wild parties than in attending lectures and reviewing his lessons, and as a result he failed several times and only just managed to graduate 3 years after Samnang. Both students achieved their goals, but clearly Samnang is more successful than Veasna.

Personal Effort Needed to Achieve It 

When the circumstances are the same, we may evaluate success by the degree of our achievement or the time we take to achieve it. In real life, situations are rarely the same. Different people have different degrees of intelligence, financial resources and different social circumstances.

Samnang has a girl friend named Theary, who also dreamt of becoming a doctor, but unlike Samnang, her father is a poor farmer and her mother is very sick. When Theary graduated from high school, she had to support her family by working as a cleaner in the local hospital. Despite her hardship, Theary never give up her dream and with the money she saved she attended night classes. Finally, after twelve difficult years, she graduated as a medical doctor. Both Samnang and Theary achieved their goal, but her determination and great personal effort in overcoming her difficulty to achieve her goal make Theary more successful than Samnang.

We tend to admire people for what they have. rather than for the work and hardship they have endured to become what they are. In school, most teachers praise and reward only students who have achieved outstanding grades but they do not pay enough attention to those who have made tremendous personal effort just to maintain their lowly grades. I consider personal effort as the most important measure of success because the struggle we endure to achieve our goal molds your character and transforms us into to a stronger and wiser person.

Success is not measured by the position one has reached in life, rather by the obstacles overcome while trying to succeed. Booker T. Washington

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Magic Of Success

The term 'Operacy' was first coined and used by Dr. Edward de Bonn to denote, "the skill needed for doing." He believes Operacy should be given the same importance and be taught in schools alongside literacy and numeracy. I share Dr. de Bono's conviction that the skill of doing is as important as the skill of knowing. However, there is a truism that "knowing what to do" does not always lead to" doing what we know". Take smoking for instance, most people nowadays know that smoking is a health hazard and yet despite this common knowledge many people, including some teachers and doctors still smoke excessively.

Success in any field of endeavor comes mainly from doing rather than knowing. Despite their limited familiarity with economic theories many market vendors make more money than professors of economic. In the this book, I will reveal how we can achieve greater success by removing the barriers that prevent us from achieving more and enjoying life more.

In this book, OPERACY (written with all capital letters) is defined as the ability of an individual person to grow, to self-regulate and to lead other people to become successful. By doing what we know we can grow and develop the skills we need to become successful in art, sport, business and technical fields. OPERACY is also the skill we need so as to become successful by doing the thing we need to do correctly and consistently. In other word, we achieve our success without compromising our personal values and integrity.

No matter how powerful, intelligent or wealthy we are, we cannot become successful alone. I consider building good relationship by helping others is one of the most critical factors of success. In school we may be able to pass our exam successfully without helping any of our fellow students, but in life this is almost impossible to do. The truth is that the more people we help the more successful we will become. This applies in marketing, teaching, leading, managing, parenting and community development. I believe a leader is a person who serves and helps others to become more successful. In recent years, Social and Emotional intelligence has become accepted and recognised as one of the most important factors for achieving personal success. Some people are fortunate enough to be born with it, but social and emotional intelligence are also skills that can be acquired by learning. In this book we will explore and discover how we can develop good social and emotional skills. 

Success is achieving our goal without reducing our own, other people's and the earth's and the earth capacity to survive and become successful.

The Nature of Personal Success 

When I asked people what they understand about success, most people said ':getting a good job" or "having a lot of money". Too many people nowadays think of success only in term of personal and material benefits. I think that some of the major problems we are facing now, such as widespread poverty, human trafficking, corruption and environmental crisis are caused by our failure to consider the adverse impact of our "success" on other people and our earth. Our preoccupation with immediate gratification has blinded us from seeing the harm and the misery we cause to our earth and our fellow humans. OPERACY defines success as achieving our goal without reducing our own, other people's and the earth's capacity to survive and become successful.

 Success means different things to different people. Money is important especially if you don't have enough and for most people money provides security for them and their families. But money is not the only measure of success; it can also be health, knowledge, happiness, love or inner peace. People who are already financially secure may not want to make more money for the sake of money alone, but because they wish to become famous by having more money than everyone else or by being able to help many people less fortunate than themselves. 

Generally, we can consider ourselves successful if we can satisfy our personal needs and wants. All of our needs can be classified into 5 groups, the need to live, the need to love and be loved, the need to learn and to experience, the need to lead, and the need to leave something of ourselves behind, a legacy.  

being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can't truly do. be considered successful in your business as life if your home life is in shambles. by: Zig Ziglar 

A truly successful person is successful in every part of his or her life. We cannot feel truly contented if we are successful as managers or teachers but fail miserably as parents, wives or husbands at home. Ultimately, our success most come from knowing that we have lived fully and enjoyed a useful and happy life. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Home Design Company Suggestions

Though the majority of females take much interest in house decoration by chance or other, just what they are oblivious about the reality home d├ęcor could additionally be utilized as a suitable home money making company possibility.

If you are women with an austere feeling of a room as well as beauty and also some interior design encounter to back you up, you could become residence decor professional and deal home decor recommendations over the internet. You could end up being house decoration specialists. You could additionally supply your home design appointment service over the mesh ahead up with some good house enhancement suggestions for those that search for some beneficial tips on the net as well as do not have the budget plan to pay the interior decorators.

You can be an entrepreneur by venturing right into a home company by signing up with an associate program off on the internet house decoration shop or outlet for selling their things.

House decor company additionally provides some unique online business possibilities on the mesh. You could take up them as a part-time or downtime home-based business activity, which could end up to one of a perfect home based company for women. There are many home design online stores which supply home based company possibilities to ladies, Milano Direct is one such house design online store which offered the best home  business based on money making a business opportunity to hundreds of women on the web.

Besides the internet, there is a few other home embellishing business changes which can be occupied in your extra time. For instance, you could sign up as a sales reps with a firm specializing in house decoration or residence designing items and also have shows where you present the items and sell them. You can offer these shows in your own house or enter other people's homes. These programs can be a great deal of fun and a method to gain a handsome quantity.

If you have a style for interior decorating and are of independent nature you might want to start a residence enhancing company all your personal. There can be a variety of things you could concentrate on like drapes, kitchen remodeling, carpeting, art and also accessories, or color pattern selections, just to name a few, as the focus of your home design business. The opportunities are unlimited plus you could additionally have your very own home decorating concepts to incorporate them for the residence design home based business idea.

For starting the dome design business the contacts with the following can be of much aid:  

  • Interior designers
  • Homebuilders as well as contractors
  • Engineers
  • Fine art galleries
  • Carpet companies
  • Paint firms
  • Antiquarian
  • Illumination experts
  • Furnishings stores as well as dealers

These contacts can aid you to be in touch with the prospective clients. Which suggests you could reach function quicker, and also frequently with more upscale customers than you could possibly get to on your own, particularly when you're merely starting a home design home based business.

You do not have to be a business person to make any plans for your home decoration home business. You simply need to believe thoroughly as well as put in as a lot of research as you can. Discover what people are looking for today in terms of interior design. Go to various furniture shops, home decoration stores to see what they're stocking. You could also speak with proprietors as well as with the customers what's warm and just what items they want to acquire.

Just after you do an appropriate study and clear just what you intend to go into you can proceed with the formalities.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Is Life Insurance Actually Important For You?

Many individuals claim that selecting the right life insurance policy plan can be intimidating and wearing down, especially since a lot of plans are on the marketplace today. If you understand just what to look for in your life insurance plan, it ends up being much easier to limit your choices as well as comprehend which plan is well. This write-up describes the key suggestions in choosing a life insurance policy strategy.

Is Life Insurance Actually Important For You?

Life insurance policy suppliers are going to take your case history into factor to consider when they are computing the premiums for your policy. If you take medicines often, smoke, or there has actually been a diagnosis that reduces your life span, you should expect to pay even more for your costs.

Know the concerns of your insurance coverage representative prior to you approve as well as follow their guidance. As an example, if you recognize that your insurance coverage representative is paid a level fee for their services after that you could feel much more comfy concerning approving their guidance as objective. On the other hand, a representative whose earnings is commission-based is visiting be even more most likely to press you toward getting more insurance policy than you actually need.

Bear in mind that insurance coverage companies assemble when determining an individual's age, so in their eyes your actual age isn't truly your real age. That suggests if you are 31 1/2 years old, they really see you as being 32 years old. That's merely one more reason you should not waste any time in purchasing a life insurance policy plan.

If your financial situation changes considerably, such as just what includes acquiring a home, reassess your life insurance needs. A policy enough for a tenant may should be raised for a brand-new home owner to make sure your household has enough economic stability to maintain home loan payments in the event of your fatality.

Realize that several life insurance policy plans have a 30-day return policy. If within the 30 days you review over your plan and also see something that you do not such as, or you merely decide that you do not want the plan, you can return it as well as obtain your full costs back.

Utilize an online calculator to assist you figure out how much life insurance policy you require. Those things to consider are costs of supporting your spouse till he or she retires, spending for your kids's expenses until they finish from university, and also the expense of repaying your home loan as well as vehicles.

How do you establish just how much life insurance policy coverage you might need? This is the hardest part in figuring out insurance protection since every person is different. One of the most usual guidance offered is to increase your yearly wage by 6 to 8 times and also this figure must be the amount of insurance coverage you need. Nonetheless, this does not apply to every person. Actually, you may not require this much protection. Considerations to think about are the amount of financial obligation left behind as well as other revenue sources the family members might contend their disposal after your fatality.

As the beginning of the short article specified, picking the right insurance plan can be a really tough affair. However, if you have a much better understanding of precisely just what to try to find in a life insurance policy plan, the process comes to be much easier. Use this post's ideas and also methods, in order to help you choose the most effective life insurance plan for you as well as your family.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Easy Solutions To Your Skin Care Issues

The first thing people normally see regarding you is your face, so taking excellent treatment of your skin is important to insure that you are "putting your best face forward." With numerous skin treatment solutions readily available, it is a bit difficult to inform which one is right for you. This write-up will certainly provide you great skin care suggestions for keeping your skin looking healthy and balanced and also fresh.

If you wish to take excellent treatment of your skin, make sure to alleviate it delicately. Avoid hot baths or showers, as they will dry out your skin. After bathing, pat skin dry as opposed to intensely scrubing it. Locate a moisturizer that works on your skin type and apply it daily. Treating your skin carefully will result in healthy, soft skin.

A good way to tackle healthy and balanced skin revival is to rely upon retinol. It could weaken dead layers of skin as well as speed up the healthy revival of skin cells. Retinol is a type of vitamin A which is necessary in the development of brand-new skin cells.

There are some vitamins that you can take that will improve the condition of your skin. Vitamins E and also C do a terrific work of relaxing the tone of your skin. Taking both of these vitamins with each other gives your skin the ultimate calming effect. You could get these vitamins from many different sorts of foods, such as oranges as well as sweet potatoes.

If you experience patchy tan, brown, or orange blotches on your breast, neck or back, talk with your medical professional or skin specialist regarding tinea versicolor. This easy-to-treat rash is caused by yeast that survive on virtually everyone's skin, yet occasionally they turn on as well as trigger uneven areas that can be either lighter or darker compared to the skin around them.

Soothe as well as problem your skin with jasmine. While most individuals understand the pleasant fragrance of the jasmine flower, many are unaware that it is also beneficial to your skin. Jasmine extract teems with anti-oxidants which condition the skin as well as give your face a healthy and balanced radiance. Search for products which contain real jasmine oil, and also are not just perfumed.

Utilize a humidifier in winter months to stay clear of completely dry skin. When residences and also offices have the heating systems entering the chilly cold weather, the air inside becomes quite dry as well as can suck the moisture right out of your skin. To combat this, utilize a humidifier in your home when the heating system is on to change lost dampness airborne.

If your cosmetics are made with organic or plant-derived components, they should be replaced two times as quickly as other items. Botanicals and also natural items consist of non-traditional chemicals or merely no preservatives in any way. This makes them even more vulnerable to bacterial development, which could cause skin irritability and also acne.

As explained at the beginning of the short article, taking care of your skin is important to help you feel great. There are a couple of skin kinds, such as oily, dry, as well as mix, and it can be difficult to choose the right skin treatment remedies for your skin. Ideally, this article has actually offered you some excellent ideas to assist you pick which remedy will certainly keep your skin healthy and also glowing.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Great Car Insurance Coverage Is Worm On Road

If have you have a great car insurance coverage, you could not go anywhere without someone giving you their guidance concerning car insurance coverage. You do unknown if they are telling you great information or simply exactly what they could have detected from unknown resources. If you desire the real details as well as wish to be your very own expert on the topic, this write-up is for you.

You should merge every one of the insurance policies you carry your vehicles into a single plan. Doing this can save you up to 10 percent on your costs. It likewise integrates all your costs and also documents right into a single plan. This will make the situation a lot easier if you ever have to file a claim as you'll just be utilizing a solitary insurance provider and also a single policy phone numbers.

Whenever possible, prevent filing and submitting minor cases to your vehicle insurance policy service provider. However, raised reliance upon insurance coverage solutions straight equates to considerable boosts in month-to-month prices. Think about declaring cases only if you are incapable to cover the cost of repair works, and if failure to have repair services produces a hazardous driving condition.

Pay attention to the guidance from your insurance policy broker. Agents are paid to advice consumers and they know the market. With the expertise they hold, they could aid you obtain the very best offers. Don't think you recognize a lot more concerning insurance compare the market to your agent. Hear them and also they can assist you conserve a great deal of cash on your insurance policy.

You need to not let your insurance coverage lapse. If you are unable to pay for your insurance plan completely, you should call as well as speak to a broker. If you permit the policy to lapse, it is very feasible that you will not have coverage should an accident take place. That is a large risk that can be prevented by making a basic telephone call.

Having insurance is not just an alternative but it is needed by regulation if one wants to drive an auto. If driving sounds like something that a person could not go without, after that they are going to need insurance coverage to support it. Fortunately obtaining insurance is not hard to do.

Seniors can take advantage of the price cuts that are offered from their vehicle insurance policy firm. These price cuts generally kick in at age 55 or 60. You need to request that your insurer add these discount rates onto your insurance, as they will refrain it instantly. It might save you as high as ten percent on your premium.

Make certain you upgrade your automobile insurance policy if you obtain wed, separated or otherwise transform your family circumstance. Oftentimes, your car insurance price may alter. Saving money is essential in today's economic climate so you do not wish to pay more than you need to, or maintain your ex-spouse on your policy.

To conclude, it can be trying to hear supposed specialists give you their viewpoint on automobile insurance policy. The pointers and techniques in this write-up have been commonly tested over and over again. With any luck this post will certainly help to either clear up what you were uncertain about, or offer you some brand-new details.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Apply Home Business with These Tips

Learn some tips that can assist you learn how to begin your own home based business. They will aid you figure out exactly what you require for your company, ways to get more consumers, more sales and to make money. It's not so frightening once you understand the essentials.

When picking a type of home business, see to it that you choose something that you will appreciate. You should identify what goals you wish to achieve and also exactly what your capacities are. To have a successful home based business, you have to choose a business that you will significantly delight in. You will not present your best shot for a business that you do not such as.

If, regardless of your best shots, your firm is not effective, this does not mean you ought to lose hope on the concept of a home business. Cut your losses with your current business, re-analyze your individual budget plan, and also consider other opportunities on the marketplace. Few first companies are totally successful.

Re-evaluate your goals periodically. When you initially start, you set a checklist of objectives that you wish to fulfill. Nevertheless, as time passes as well as your company advances, you will find that these objectives aren't as proper as well as could possibly have to be altered around a bit.

For even more revenues in your home business, consider whether an adjustment in prices may be helpful. Many home business owners do not truly understand ways to value their products, and also cost could have a significant impact on your clients' reaction. Often rates have to be higher as well as occasionally they should be reduced. Attempt a couple of different rates structures as well as see which works the very best for your company.

Opening a separate checking account for your home based business will certainly assist you in keeping track of your business expenses. This can be valuable when preparing your tax obligations as well as for your documents of liabilities and possessions. Potential financiers will certainly would like to know the info especially related to your business. A different account will keep your data a lot more professional in look.

Take into consideration NOT taking your youngsters from daycare when you change from a standard task to a home business. Kids are a substantial distraction and also having a shouting infant behind-the-scenes on a customer telephone call will make you look absolutely unprofessional. At least have a few hours during the business day where the youngsters aren't about, to ensure that you can make call.

When it comes to tax obligations as well as your home based business, you intend to make certain that you recognize that you could actually cross out your net expenses. This will assist you out with your tax obligations as long as you make sure to only cross out the percent that was in fact utilized for your business.

As you could see, beginning your very own home business isn't really as difficult as it may appear. It merely requires doing research, getting equipment, asking questions, getting files as well as striving in order to start as well as maintain it. The work will certainly pay off as soon as you see how it could assist your future.

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